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Vital Hydration and Wellness
Okay, so you’ve probably heard of it but don’t quite know what IV Vitamin Infusions are all about.
IV is short for intravenous which basically means that something is going into your vein (i.e. bloodstream).

IV therapy is the process of getting your vitamins and hydration delivered directly into your veins. This process avoids your gastrointestinal (GI) tract bypassing your stomach, intestines, etc.
This is great because if you have any trouble with your digestion and GI illnesses, the vitamins will still be absorbed by your body.


It doesn’t matter how many supplements or pills you take by mouth if your body can’t absorb the nutrients, taking oral vitamins will be ineffective. IV vitamin therapy is without a doubt, the fastest and most efficient way to get vitamins and hydration straight into the bloodstream for maximum absorption and effectiveness!

IV infusions contain a variety of vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants for optimal health and wellness.

As we all know, a healthy outside starts with a healthy inside.

IV vitamin infusions benefit you in many ways including overall health and wellness such as allergies, headaches, dehydration, immune boost, etc. It is also great to replenish your vitamins and help with anti-aging, skin, hair, nails and liver detoxification. Clients can also use IV hydration for muscle recovery after a workout, build muscle mass and improve stamina and endurance.

No matter what your reason for using IV hydration, I’m sure that IV therapy will help you feel and look your absolute best. If you’d like to learn more about IV hydration or schedule an IV Therapy session, you can reach us here info@myvitalhydration.com or give us a call at (954)406-3155.

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